About Sri SaiBaba Temple of Greater Cincinnati-Ohio

Life has become so fast-paced, that despite our best efforts we are unable to serve our inner essence (our spiritual self) as often as we wish. We feel disconcerted with these feelings and many a times resent for it. But it needs to be remembered that reducing distances (the teli’s wall as our loving Baba put it), rests within us. Baba (read as God/our spiritual essence) needs no special effort to be reached out to. It is to this end that a thought arose in the minds of various Sai devotees, to make it feasible for different satsangs performing (Shirdi Sai arathi’s & bhajans , Sai Satcharitra Parayanam, Satya Sai bhajans, Vishnu Sahasranamam, ) and praising the guru to come together and realize his presence within us in a common forum. A worship place where everyone can pray as they would wish (Sarva Dharma) and enable each other walk along the path they are seeking. A place where Bhakti, Shraddha and Saburi are the pillars of our concentration, not mere rituals or compulsions.

It is with great joy and pleasure that we take this opportunity to inform you the formation of a non-profit organization “SRI SAIBABA TEMPLE OF GREATER CINCINNATI.” The mission of this organization is to enable a common place of worship for all Sai devotees in Greater Cincinnati. Mason and its surrounding areas has been a hub for Sai Bhakti since quite some time. This is a sincere effort to bring together all the satsangs and services under aegis of a common worship place.

This will provide us all with a great opportunity to be able to come together and offer our prayers collectively bringing synergy in our efforts to achieve divine blessings (Guru Krupa).

This temple will address the spiritual, religious, educational, altruistic needs of the community, as when the occasion demands. It is proposed that this temple be used by all devotees from whichever Form of faith they belong to, for furtherance of their faith and also to spread the message of bhakti & devotion. We request all of you to come forward and help us with your suggestions, voluntary time and financial help to make this divine cause a reality.