Let’s make our Temple DEBT FREE

by offering special GURU DAKSHINA to our beloved SAI BABA 

on the occasion of GURU PURNIMA on July 16, 2019

by offering at least ONE Neem Leaf

per family  in the name of your loved ones.

One Neem Leaf is a donation of $501.

Significance of NEEM TREE

“Sadanimba Vrikshasya Muladhiwasat Sudhasravinam tikta mapyapriyantam Tarumkalpa vrikshadhi kamsadhayamtam Namameeshwaram Sadgurum SaiNaatham”

Meaning: “I bow at the feet of Sadguru Lord Sainaath who, by His Divine presence made the bitter Neem Tree into a tree oozing with life-giving nectar much greater than kalpavriksha – the celestial wish-fulfilling tree”

Our beloved Sai Baba first manifested Himself as a young boy of 16 years under a Neem Tree in Shirdi.  We do pradakshina around the Neem Tree as we regard it as a symbol of the Guru;s Grace under which humanity may take shelter and protection. 

Sai Baba once said, that His devotees are simply resting in the share of the Neem Tree which He bears the brunt of their deeds.


  • Please Enter One name per line. Max 30 Chars including spaces for all names.
  • Price: $501.00
  • $0.00

Once you have submitted your form details, please click here to make the payment under the donations page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1 What are the modes of paying my Guru Dakshina? Cash, Credit Card, Check, Paypal
2 Will you accept American Express? Yes
3 Can I pay on Temple web site? Yes
4 Is this Guru Dakshina tax exempt? Yes
5 Who should I make Guru Dakshina check payable to? SSTGC
6 Can I pay at the Temple? Yes, Please pay at the temple front desk using Cash, Check or Credit Card
7 Can I pay by cash? Yes, Please pay at the temple front desk.
8 Can I pay by Paypal? Yes. Email ID: finance.saitemple@gmail.com
9 Will my Guru Dakshina make me eligible for membership? No
10 Can we sign up for more than one Neem Leaf? Yes. Signup for Neem leafs as many as you can until we complete 600 leaves
11 Can we offer Guru Dakshina without a Neem Leaf? Feel free to offer your Guru Dakshina to Baba in any form you wish.
12 Will there be a special puja or archana on July 16th to offer Guru Dakshina to Baba? Yes, Archana will be performed on Guru Purnima day, July 16th, for devotees who have made a pledged for  NEEM leaf
13 Is there a limitation on how much text we can add on the Neem Leaf? Maximum 30 characters
14 Can we add more than one name on one Neem Leaf? No, Please add one name per leaf
15 When will we see the Neem Leaf with our names? Names will be engraved after the devotees make the donation.
16 Where is the Neem Tree in the Temple? In the lobby (front desk) opposite to the Baba Sanctum hall
17 Who should I contact if I have additional questions? Email to Finance.Saitemple@gmail.com
18 What happens if all leaves are pledged and I want to pledge more? Unfortunately no.  We request you pledge before available leaves are pledged.
19 What is the total mortgage loan balance? $285,000
20 What is the interest on refinancing? ~4-6%
21 I already have already pledged one Neem Leaf.  Can I add one more next to the one on the Tree? Yes. Signup for Neem leafs as many as you can.
22 How to fix a typo in my Neem Leaf name? It will be correced. Send an email to Finance.Saitemple@gmail.com with correct details.
23 What if I am out of town and can’t attend special Archana? Your name and gothranamas will be chanted during the archana.
24 Is there a date by which I need to make a pledge? Yes. You need to pledge by 13th July. This will help us to pay the loan by Aug 14th.
25 Can I pledge and pay be end of this year? You have to pledge by 13th July and we request you to pay when you pledge but if you need time you can pay before 12/31/2019.
26 Can I pay in installments? No.
27 If Individual ‘A’ sponsors a leaf to show  individual ‘B’ name, will the archana be performed for both A & B ? Archana will be performed ONLY on the name of individual ‘B’ who’s name appears on the leaf.