Sri Sai Vastra Alankar

The Vastras will be

  • $ 251/- for special festivals grand vastras(3 pieces)
  • $ 151/- for festivals regular vastras(3 pieces)
  • $ 51/- for Madhyana arti (3 pieces)
  • $ 21/- for Shej arti (2 pieces)

* Sponsors should make checks payable to SSTGC with Vastra requests mentioned in the memo.
* Vastras & Alankaram Shringaar on the idol are completely left to the discretion of the alankarna committee.
* Personal requests for Vastra adornment needs to be notified at least 7 days in advance.
* Devotees need to strictly abide by the specified measurements in case they are a personal offering.
* Measurements:
Angavastra-3 meters long X 45 inches breadth (rectangle)
Phatka-1.5 meters X 1.5 meters (square)
Uparna-3 meters X 10 inch breadth (long rectangle)

Important Dates for Sai Vastra Sponsorship:

  • Jan 1-New year (Sponsored)
  • Jan 14-Pongal/Lohri (Open to Sponsorship)
  • Feb 11-Temple Anniversary (Open to Sponsorship)
  • Feb 13-Maha Shivratri (Sponsored)
  • Mar 2- Holi (Open to Sponsorship)
  • Mar 18-Ugadi/Gudhi Padwa (Open to Sponsorship)
  • Mar 25-Sri Ram Navmi (Sponsored)
  • Mar 31-Sri Hanuman Jayanti (chaitra month) (Sponsored)
  • May 10-Sri Hanuman Jayanti (vaishakh month) (Open to Sponsorship)
  • July 26-Guru Poornima (Sponsored)
  • Aug 24-Varalaxmi Puja/Onam (Open to Sponsorship)
  • Aug 25-Raksha Bandhan (Open to Sponsorship)
  • Sep 3-Sri Krishna Janmashthami (Open to Sponsorship)
  • Sep 12-Sri Ganesh Chaturthi (Sponsored)
  • Oct 9-Navratri begins(Open to Sponsorship)
  • Oct 14-Saraswathi puja(Open to Sponsorship)
  • Oct 18-Dussehra(Open to Sponsorship)
  • Oct 19-Baba Mahasamadhi day/Vijayadashmi (Sponsored)
  • Oct 27-Karwa Chauth (Open to Sponsorship)
  • Nov 6-Deepawali (Open to Sponsorship)
  • Dec 22-Sri Datta Jayanti (Open to Sponsorship)

For any BABA Alankar related questions, please reach out to with subject line ‘BABA ALANKARAM’.